Bhattacharya Lab - Former Lab Member Valérie Reeb

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Valérie Reeb
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Iowa
101 Biology Building, Iowa City, IA 52242
  Phone: 319-335-2426
  Fax: 319-335-1069
  Email: Valerie-Reeb[at]



2005 Ph.D. Biology, Duke University, U.S.A.
1993 M.S. Botany, University of Orléans, France.
1991 DEUG Biology, University of Strasbourg, France.


  • Molecular phylogeny of fungi and protists
  • Divergence time of major fungal lineages using non-clock methods
  • Origin of lichenization within the Ascomycota
  • Evolution of group I intron and encoded homing endonucleases in lichen-forming fungi

Current Research:

Currently, I am doing a post-doctorat at the Carver Center for Genomics. My main task is to prepare samples for next generation sequencing as well as supervise the microarray facility.


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Springer 2010.
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